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The Department of Educational Psychology maintains the collective responsibility for training students in the areas of school and community counseling, school psychology, learning and development, and educational statistics and measurement.

Application Deadlines
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Application Deadlines for the Department of Educational Psychology

Note: If the following dates fall on a weekend, the deadline is the following Monday. Any Non-Degree Candidate (NDC) applications received a week or less before the start of the semester to which the applicant is applying will be summarily denied, as processing applications and granting new students access to university systems, including course enrollment, will require at least that much time.

Spring 2014: Educational Statistics and Measurement: M.S. - December 1st
Educational Statistics and Measurement: Ph.D. - December 1st
Learning and Development: M.S. - September 3rd
Learning and Development: Ph.D. - September 3rd
School/Community Counseling: M.S. - November 1st

Fall 2014: School/Community Counseling: M.S. - February 15th
Counseling Psychology: Ph.D. - December 1st
Educational Statistics and Measurement: M.S. - December 16th
Educational Statistics and Measurement: Ph.D. - December 16th
Learning and Development: M.S. - March 1st
Learning and Development: Ph.D. - March 1st
School Psychology: Ed.S - January 6th
School Psychology: Ph.D. - December 17th

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