Accountability Measures


The achievement of the schools authorized by the Office of Charter Schools is of prime importance to our effort to provide high quality educational programs to the students of Milwaukee. To this end, the Office requires all schools to participate in three assessments. These assessments are:

The Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination - a state mandated test that measures the achievement level of students in November of each year in reading, mathematics, language, social studies and science.

The Measures of Academic Progress - an assessment developed by the Northwest Evaluation Association of Portland, Oregon that measures the academic growth in reading, mathematics, language, science and social studies three times a year (September - January - May).

Student and Parent Satisfaction Surveys - an assessment designed by the Office. The student survey asks students to rate the school on: safety and discipline, learning opportunities, friendship and respect, care provided by the staff, and expectations and success. The parent survey asks parents to rate the school regarding: expectations, communications, and results.

The Office also collects data on all aspects of the school including attendance rates, student mobility, discipline and other measures that impact student success. This information can be found in each school's Annual Accountability Report.


Results for each school for these assessments can be accessed below.








Accountability Reports