Evaluation Committee Activities

The Work of the Committee (Charter Evaluation Process) begins with a review of pertinent documents relating to the operation of the school.  These include: the Charter Contract, Contract, Contract Compliance Record, Annual School Accountability Reports for the previous three years, assessment information compiled by the Office of Charter Schools, and the Renewal Application (12) presented by the charter school. 

Based on the records review, the Committee determines the structure of the site visit (Sample Site Visit Schedule) and the questions to be asked of members of the school community.  The primary purposes of the site visit are to gain a first hand knowledge of the school and to augment information contained in the reviewed documents.  During the site visit, committee members discuss the school and its operation with board members, administrators, staff members, parents, and, where appropriate, students.  Committee members tour the school facility and visit a variety of classrooms and instructional activities. 

Following the site visit, the Committee, guided by the Charter Renewal Benchmarks (13) develops the Summative Evaluation Report documenting the strengths and weaknesses of the school related to the key measures described above and makes recommendations for improvement.  Renewing the charter for a period of less than four or five years places the school on probation and should be accompanied with specific requirements for future renewal of the charter.