An initial charter is granted for a period not to exceed five years during which the school must demonstrate progress toward stated goals. The renewal process begins, in actuality, with the initiation of the charter. Rather than a snapshot view, the renewal process is based on the evaluation of continuous school improvement efforts. The summative evaluation is initiated two years prior to the terminal date of an existing contract so that the decision to extend or not to extend a charter is made in time to allow for the possibility of school closure and the requisite parental notice accompanying such action. The evaluation and renewal process includes the following: (1) On-site inspection/verification by the Office of Charter School staff, (2) Independent review by the Charter School Evaluation Committee (Committee), (3) Approval of the Chancellor, and (4) Approval of the University Of Wisconsin System Board Of Regents. Each entity has a defined role Evaluation Entity in the process.

Evaluation Committee Responsibilities

The Committee is charged with the responsibility of objectively reviewing information provided by the charter school and the Office in order to recommend to the Chancellor and the Board of Regents action in regard to the school’s charter. Members of the Committee are to carry out their work with integrity, act with the best interests of students and staff, and base judgments on evidence. Appendix Q sets forth the Code of Conduct (11)  for charter school evaluators.