Documents Required for the Evaluation

Evaluators will examine multiple information sources from each of the three previous years.  Major sources of information are as follows:

  • Contract Compliance Records – The Office of Charter Schools will maintain an on-going record of each school's compliance with the requirements of the contract.
  • Strategic Plans – Each organization in cooperation with faculty and staff will create and maintain a strategic plan that clearly states the mission, vision, and strategic goals of the school. 
  • Annual School Accountability Plans – Annually each school will determine a set of improvement goals emanating from its strategic plan and based on analysis of appropriate data. 
  • Annual School Accountability Progress Reports – Annually each school will report on the results of improvement efforts.
  • Charter Renewal Application(12) – Upon the initiation of the summative evaluation process the school will:  inform the Office of the School's intent to renew it charter, provide additional information to support the renewal application, and present a case for why the school's charter should be renewed.