Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a process through which individuals knowledgeable about and intimately involved with an organization conduct an analysis of the organization's strengths, weaknesses, position within the external environment, and opportunities for improvement in order to develop a long range plan for continual improvement.


The purposes of strategic planning are to (5)


  • Gain knowledge of the system's performance.
  • Provide long term focus for organizational improvement.
  • Align annual plans in order to achieve short-term goals.
  • Help everyone in the organization participate successfully in planned change.
  • Use new knowledge throughout the organization.
  • Accelerate organizational change.

This handbook presents two surveys to assist charter schools with the strategic planning process.  The first survey(6), Organization Profile, provides information on: (1) the environment within the organization (2) key organizational relationships, (3) the competitive environment, (4) key strategic challenges, and (5) the system for performance improvement.  The second survey, Baldrige Based Needs Assessment provides the foundation for a needs assessment to identify opportunities for improvement within the seven categories of the Education Criteria for Performance Excellence.(7)