Baldrige Based Needs Assessment

The statements, listed by category in Baldrige Based Needs Assessment can be evaluated to determine the level of systemization, deployment, and effectiveness of the school's approach to each item. Using Statement #1 under the Leadership Category (What values guide the organizations leadership system?) as an example: (1) statements of the school's mission, values, and beliefs should be documented, (2) leaders should be able to clearly articulate the approach that is being used to communicate the statements and concepts, (3) evidence should be available that employees throughout the organization are aware of the statements and understand them, and (4) evidence should be available that the statements are guiding actions throughout the organization.

By conscientiously evaluating each statement, school leaders can determine the school's areas of strength and areas in need of improvement. Understanding the school's strengths and weaknesses allows leaders to determine opportunities for improvement that either build on an area of strength or address an area of weakness. The prioritization of these actions, leads to the development of strategic goals and annual improvement goals that are most likely to lead to increased organization effectiveness.