Evaluation Rubric

The Baldrige Evaluation Rubric (10)  is used to evaluate the organization's level of accomplish- ment within each category.  The rubric statements allows one to judge the level to which the program or activity is: (1) part of a broader system, (2) deployed throughout the organization, (3) evaluated regularly based on analysis of data, and (4) integrated with other  organizational needs.  By understanding in which areas improvement is needed, leaders can better focus annual goals and make required improvement.

A modified evaluation rubric is presented for charter school use:

Level 1
  • No systematic approach to continuous improvement is evident.
  • No evidence of organization-wide deployment.
  • No objective data exists to determine student or organizational achievement.
  • Results are unpredictable.
Level 2
  • Problem specific approach is utilized to address known deficiencies.
  • Some evidence of problem-based organization-wide deployment.
  • A minimum amount of objective data exists regarding student or organizational achievement.
  • Results exist for some for problem specific improvement activities.
Level 3
  • A process based approach is used to address continuous improvement efforts.
  • Initial steps have been taken to systematically deploy improvement efforts.
  • Data are available regarding to document improvement efforts.
  • Results are reported for many areas of importance to key requirements.
Level 4
  • An effective, systematic approach to continuous improvement is evident.
  • The approach is well deployed throughout the organization
  • Data are available to drive fact-based, systematic improvement efforts.
  • Organizational performance results are positive and show sustainability.

Once areas of improvement have been determine, the following criteria can be used to determine in which areas long range, strategic should be developed and which specific improvement actions should become annual improvement goals.  The criteria are as follows:

  • The extent to which the improvement in the selected category will positively impact key measures of school performance.
  • The present level of performance in the selected category.
  • The urgency for improvement in the selected category.

Information from the needs assessment can be compiled and reported on the Baldrige Self-Analysis Worksheet(8).