Students at the YMCA Young Leaders Academy (YLA) place significant focus on developing leadership skills, maintaining academic excellence and setting goals towards attending college through a college-bound curriculum. The school's educational goals are to prepare students to be creative, intuitive and analytical thinkers. Below is a sampling of our successful YLA alumni and the work they are doing today to prove that YLA was, and continues to be, one of the leading elementary and middle schools in the Milwaukee area.


Providing Leadership On and Off the Field

Frederick Willis, 2007 YLA Graduate

Frederick developed into a leader at an early age at YLA and went on to provide leadership both on and off the field at Brookfield Academy. As a senior at Brookfield Academy, Frederick demonstrates the leadership skills he learned at YLA through his academic achievements and as an athlete.

Frederick received both academic and athletic scholarship offers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Harvard, and Stanford. On Wednesday, February 2, Frederick will sign his letter of intent to play football at the UW-Madison in a ceremony at YLA. Frederick's decision to sign his letter of intent at YLA reflects the significance the Academy has for him and his family. We are excited to see what the future holds for Frederick as he continues to build leadership skills and moves forward with his academic and athletic pursuits.

Amazing Talent of YLA Alumnus to be Highlighted on American Idol

Felix Ramsey, 2009 YLA Graduate

In 2009, eighth grader Felix Ramsey, Jr. was voted "Most Likely to Appear on American Idol" by his classmates. Proving his YLA alumni right, Felix has made his dream a reality for American Idol and sharing his beautiful gift of song with the nation. We are proud of Felix and the persistence he has demonstrated while pursuing his dreams. Way to go Felix!


aring YLA Successes at YMCA World Urban Network Meeting

Ronn Johnson, Executive Principal, YMCA Young Leaders Academy

We are proud to announce Ronn Johnson was selected to address attendees at the upcoming YMCA World Urban Network meeting on Monday, June 13, 2011 in the Dominican Republic.

The theme of the conference is the "21st Century Education Challenge." The event will focus on the state of education around the world and highlight successful YMCA models of all kinds - - including the YMCA Young Leaders Academy. The audience is approximately 75 YMCA executive cabinet level staff from around the world.

Ronn will give a presentation on the history of the Young Leaders Academy, the impact of the YMCA partnership, his philosophy on education, and the current status of YLA and its many significant accomplishments. We are thrilled to have Ronn represent YLA and share with world leaders the impact our charter school is making in Milwaukee.

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