Veritas High School

Thank you to the journalism class students at Veritas High School who put this month's Spotlight article and videos together!

"What Veritas High School Means to Me"

The journalism class at Veritas High School is a new course for the students to take.  In the class we learn how to write non-fiction, research-based literature and how to ciritcally read complex news articles.  In addition, the class produces its very own news program called "Truth Be Told" and is responsible for creating the school yearbook.

For one of the journalism projects, we asked students to explain why Veritas High School is special to them.  Here are just a few of their responses.


“Veritas has prepared me...It has built me into a hard working student with perseverance, passion, and determination. The teachers are friendly, and they care about my education...As a senior, I feel that
I am ready to face the real world...Veritas is a small school, I know everybody in my grade level.
Veritas is a life changing school.”

Xiong Her, 17


“Veritas High School is school where everyone can focus and feel safe. It’s an environment in which you
can be yourself and feel comfortable with your surroundings. I know this school cares about every one of its students because they’ll never let them fail. If they see you are having difficulties passing a class or understanding a subject, the administration and teachers are willing to give you their help and/or time,
no matter how long it takes for you to actually get it.”

Gishela Cordova, 18


Coming to this school has been one of the greatest decisions I have made in my life. Veritas is a really good school and taught me that you can work hard but still have fun...Veritas helps students prepare for college because they have Advanced Placement courses and classes that are challenging...They have a
wide range of classes that students can take...Veritas is one of the best schools in Milwaukee
because they care a lot about their students and want them to succeed in life.
They also prepare them for the future.”

Miguel Fernandez, 17

Click here to view the video produced by Nadia Sharlow, Esmerelda Rosario, and the journalism class.


"The Veritas Thunder Roll Breakfast"

On February 28th, Veritas High School celebrated the students on the Honor Roll.  Incredibly, half of the population of the school received either "honors" or "high honors" on their 1st semester report cards.  The teachers and administrators decided to have a "breakfast of champions" for those students who worked hard for this excellent accomplishment.  The honor students were served juice, muffins, and fruit.  Additionally, Celeste Meyers who is the Director from the Office of Charter Schools at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, gave an inspirational speech.  Great job students!

Click here to view the video produced by Savannah Waltz, Dezsharay Fowler, Lurdes Martin, and the journalism class.


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