Woodlands and Woodlands East Schools

Woodlands School

Woodlands Inc., takes great pride in their charter education program entitled; Time for Living.  The program is designed to instill a sense of social responsibility.  Students are encouraged to develop moral and ethical values, a positive attitude toward life, and a healthy self-concept.  The Woodlands School philosophy emphasizes involvement with people of many races, cultures, and traditions.  It is the time when students, teachers, and staff focus on their rights and responsibilities to themselves, the community, and the world. 

As part of the student's curriculum, they engage in activities that include the school's values, guiding principles and yearly theme.  Each Monday morning the school assembles to celebrate how students and staff incorporate the values and principles into their lives.  Students are selected to present their curriculum project at one of the assemblies which inspires other kids to follow the Woodlands Way!

As part of the Time for Living program, the school wide theme for the 2012-13 school year was, Garden of Health.  This theme focused on healthy behaviors as individuals and as a community.

Students in the 3/4 unit developed a Garden of Health video in their media class which incorporated their writing, research, and presentation skills into the school theme.

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To view other Time for Living program videos on Respect, Creativity, Little Families, Caring, Responsibilities, Trustworthiness, Fairness, and Citizenship click on each title listed here or visit the Woodlands' website at:


Woodlands East School Opening

On September 3, 2013, Woodlands School Inc. opened a second campus.  Woodlands East is located at 3121 W State Street.  This school is a replication of the original campus housed at 5510 W Bluemound Road. 

Woodlands East opened with two units; K4-K5 and grades 1-2.  The school's enrollment goal is 144 students during the first year.  Each year, the school will add an additional grade.  Once the school is fully operational, it will house approximately 360 students in grades K4 through 8. 


To see the video of Woodlands East's first day of school, please click on: First Day at Woodlands East.