Milwaukee College Prep Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary

Fifteen years ago, well before the phrases "achievement gap" and "education reform" were a part of our shared lexicon, Milwaukee College Prep was changing the way we educate our central city children.  Today, with 3 campuses and more than 1,300 scholars, it is boldly doing the same thing it did 15 years ago - providing each individual scholar with a world-class education that will set him or her on the path to college and beyond.


The numbers have grown, but the philosophy is the same as it was on day one in 1997!

  Just as we did 15 years ago, we believe that an uncompromising K-8 education is the difference between dreams realized and dreams denied.  If a child can't read, problem-solve, draw inferences, think critically, be self-disciplined and self-determined, that child will not realize his or her dreams...he or she won't even come close.  We also know that after a rigorous Milwaukee College Prep education in a loving environment, our scholars, not their demography, will determine their destiny.

Robert Rauh and MCP Students
        Chief Education Officer, Robert Rauh and MCP Students
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