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Located in the city of Milwaukee at the YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee Northside campus, the Young Leaders Academy was established in 2002 and serves children, grades K4-8.  Each school day, hundreds of students and teachers gather to learn and grow as thinkers and leaders.  Every part of the day reinforces the behaviors and mindset that help young people make good decisions both in the classroom and in the greater world.

The board's vision for the school's future is to become an effective community resource that will be a model school in Milwaukee for meeting students' educational needs in Kindergarten through 8th grade.  The school provides an innovative curriculum, has strong community and parental involvement and intensive teacher training.  Their vision also included the aspiration of being viewed as the top charter in the city, state and nation within the next decade.

Our goal at the Academy is to prepare students to be creative, intuitive and analytical thinkers.  The unique culture of YLA helps students reach their fullest potential and prepares them for college and beyond.  Proven methods are used to increase student performance including:
  • Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) testing provided individual student data to track students' academic growth over time
  • Small classroom sizes (1:12 student to teacher/staff ratio)
  • A longer school day and year round school calendar
  • Wraparound before and after school programming, including tutoring
  • Caring, knowledgeable and high performing teachers and staff
  • A rigorous curriculum devoted to the basics
  • Enhanced offerings including Art, Gym, Music and Technology Literacy for all grades
  • Gifted and Talented programming, as well as accelerated learning options

smDOD 10 Year 1  Every part of the school day reinforces the values and expectations of both students and YLA educators.  Initiatives such as the Leaders Come Alive curriculum, honor society, and peer mentoring create an atmosphere of leadership, pride, self-discipline, and respect.  The unique culture of YLA helps students reach their fullest potential.  Academic achievement remains at the top of the hierarchy for the Young Leaders Academy.  By focusing on what is best for each student, the Academy is always able to make key decisions from the board level to the administration level to the classroom teacher level that are orchestrated and embraced to insure high levels of academic success and personal development for each student.  YLA prides itself in being able to see past the present situation into the future as we work to educate each student.

The Academy holds a number of core beliefs which frame and inform the day-to-day operation of the school.  The Academy's program is based on the fundamental  belief that every child has a birthright to a first-class education, which adds meaning, dignity and a sense of community.  That birthright is delivered by combining the beneficial rigors of a classical education with the latest in technology and the best teaching and learning practices worldwide.  The school facilitates the learning process within an environment that encourages the development of a positive value system.  The school nurtures the children in the development of leadership, life and social skills, preparing them to become informed, responsible and productive world citizens.

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For more information about the YMCA Young Leaders Academy, please call 414-374-9400 or visit the website