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Tenor High School's unique educational program prepares students to graduate after four years with a high school diploma and a Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) program certificate and/or credits in a post-secondary degree program.

During their junior year, Tenor students take a class called "College Success" which prepares them to be self-sufficient, successful students at MATC during their senior year and in any college or career pursuits beyond high school.  The juniors spend the year preparing a Justification of Graduation (JOG) which gives students the opportunity to prove their readiness to make the transition to MATC during their senior year and subsequently enter the world of post-secondary education or the career of their choice. 

The process of completing the JOG is reflective and intensive.  Pieces of the JOG include a student profile (with an educational history), evidence of growth in literacy and soft skills, a career research project, a resume, and an individual life plan.  Students are also required to perform ten hours of community service and reflect on their experience.

On May 22, 2014, fifty-one Tenor juniors each gave their verbal JOG presentations before a panel consisting of a teacher, a student, a family guest, and a community member.  The presentations exhibited our juniors' readiness for the challenges of MATC and any post-secondary education and career ambitions they have.

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