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and the management team from

National Heritage Academies


The Office of Charter Schools is pleased to welcome the newest member of our charter school family to Milwaukee.


We are pleased to offer the opportunity for students living on the near northwest side of the community to attend an excellent 4K - 8 school.


Milwaukee Scholars Charter School (MSCS) will initially serve approximately 400 students in kindergarten through grade five. An additional grade, through grade eight, will be added each year with an expected maximum enrollment of approximately 700 students. Enrollment in MSCS will be open to all students living in the city of Milwaukee with an emphasis on recruitment in the 69th and Florist neighborhood in which the school is located.

The school is designed to serve the educational needs of students, with a focus on closing the achievement gap for populations that have been historically less served and successful in college preparation programs. The program is organized to promote the academic and social growth of students through a challenging, values-based college preparatory curriculum focused on literature, language, history, mathematics, science, and art.

The beliefs guiding the school include: (1) student learning is first and foremost an adult responsibility, (2) a K-8 school design will foster the necessary learning in early years of a child's educational experience, (3) teaching virtues and morals is an equally important piece of a child's education, and (4) all students can learn in an environment with high expectations. 

MSCS will operate under a distributed leadership model. The school will be lead by a principal with responsibility for instructional leadership. Deans will serve as direct managers of assigned grade levels and will assist the principal with leadership responsibilities. The leadership team will intentionally establish a positive learning environment with specific expectations, rules, procedures, and structures that help students feel welcome, supported, and safe. Specific staff development will be provided to help staff members build positive, productive, and trusting relationships with students. MSCS will utilize a school-wide behavior management program that establishes common expectations that establish a safe and orderly environment throughout the school.

Student progress will be assessed through the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination (WKCE), Measures of Academic Progress (MAP), International Competitions of Assessment in School Writing (ICAS), and the ACT Explore. All test data will be openly shared with parents, students and the Office of Charter Schools. 


For more information on Milwaukee Scholars Charter School please visit their website at: