UWM Charter Schools Received Wisconsin School of Recognition Honors

Four UWM Charter Schools received Wisconsin School of Recognition honors from Superintendent Tony Evers at a ceremony held in the State Capitol Rotunda in Madison on October 2, 2012.  Evers specified that all of the 132 schools chosen for the award were being commended "for their work to break the link between poverty and low academic achievement through rigorous programming and attention to student needs".   

The UWM Charters selected for the 2012-13 award include Bruce Guadalupe Middle (awarded for 2 consecutive years), Milwaukee College Preparatory - Metcalf Campus (awarded for 4 consecutive years), Seeds of Health Elementary - Windlake Campus, and Veritas High.

For more information on Wisconsin Schools of Recognition, please click on this link.  News Release Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction


Schools of Recognition awards recipients from left to right; Executive Director Robert Rauh of Milwaukee College Preparatory, Santiago Navarro, Principal of Bruce Guadalupe Middle, Sherry Tolkan, Principal of Veritas High, Karen Rutt, Director of Elementary Education at Seeds of Health Elementary, and Mark Schneider, Principal of Seeds of Health Elementary.


Superintendent Tony Evers holds the plaque he is presenting to.......

Karen Rutt, Director of Elementary Education
Mark Schneider, Principal
Seeds of Health Elementary

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Sherry Tolkan, Principal
Veritas High School

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Santiago Navarro, Principal
Bruce Guadalupe Middle School

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Awards Luncheon