School for Early Development and Achievement


At SEDA, we believe in what children can do!  The School for Early Development and Achievement (SEDA) serves children with and without special needs from ages 3 - 8.  Children from our Pediatric Skilled Nursing Program, who have complex medical needs are integrated into the school community so that their educational needs are also met.

Our program focuses not only on academic skills, but the critical components of healthy brain development, including nutrition and physical activity.  Our children are students at "Little Sprouts University," a program developed and presented by Milwaukee Center for Independence (MCFI's) Nutrition and Wellness Team.  They also benefit from the Weekly Reader program in which MCFI employees and community volunteers are paired with a student to read together each week.  This year, thanks to a generous grant from JP Morgan/Chase, we are working with First Stage in a theater residency program.  Our students also have the opportunity to work with an Artist in Residence each year.

Research has demonstrated that social-emotional skills and executive function skills are more accurate predictors of school success than such academic measures as letter recognition.  We continue to work on building academic skills but provide a strong focus on non-academic skills as well.  SEDA is engaged with the Marquette University's psychology department in a project to promote healthy social emotional development and executive function skills, using mindfulness and other specific skill building activities.  Families and staff have the opportunity to be trained in mindfulness as well, as a strategy for dealing with the stresses encountered in a day-to-day life.  Families are also engaged in nutrition education monthly. 

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