Connections with our Graduates, Parents and the Community  


In this fourth initiative, we seek to make stronger connections with critical resources:our graduates, local parents of children with disabilities, and the community.  To do this, we plan to add several new features to our program.


The Summer Exchange

Graduates are an untapped resource for promoting change in urban schools.  Each year, our plan is to bring together program graduates in a “Summer Exchange” – a one day workshop to network and share promising practices/results. 

Promising Practices Videos

Ongoing teacher development is helped by seeing good teachers in action; thus a component of the Exchange, involves working with teachers to demonstrate a practice (e.g., differentiated math instruction) through video and posting the video on our website.  This is a collaborative effort with the Milwaukee Public Schools.

Parent and Community Advisory Group

Our program has not had a more formalized way to connect with the community and the parents whose children are served by our graduates.  Our plan is to develop a “Parent and Community Advisory Group”, with one of the first agenda items – finding more meaningful ways for parents and key community members to have a presence in our programs (e.g., co-teaching a class session; participating in case studies, etc.).  This group will be constituted in Year II of the project.