Multiple Pathways to Teaching

In this first initiative, we seek to maintain multiple pathways to teaching and responsive program options.In recent years we have built a strong “alternative” pathway to teaching at the Post-baccalaureate level.In addition, we have a long-standing collaborative relationship with the Department of Curriculum & Instruction and a “5th Year Dual Certification Program.” A large, diverse, and committed pool of applicants requires attention to multiple pathways. Thus, this initiative involves strengthening and maintaining these pathways in response to district needs: 

  • Regular education teachers enrolling in our “One-Year, Post-baccalaureate Program”.
  • Career changers enrolling in our “Two-Year Post-baccalaureate Program”.
  • An “Undergraduate 5th Year Dual Certification Program”.   A particular focus of this project is to work with our partners in Curriculum & Instruction to reinvigorate our dual-certification program, while simultaneously ensuring core competency development in special education for all regular educators.