Community Engagement

Center for New and Professional Educators (CNPE)

The Center for New and Professional Educators (CNPE) connects you with local, state, and national resources to support the professional learning and development you need to improve students’ educational experiences.

Barbara Bales, PhD, Director
Location: Enderis Hall 349
Phone: 414-229-3002
Fax: 414-229-5571
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Council on Professional Education (CPE)

The Council on Professional Education (CPE) is the development and coordinating body of the Comprehensive Assessment System for UWM programs leading to Wisconsin licensure in the areas of teacher education, administration, and pupil services.

Institute for Urban Education

The UW System Institute for Urban Education is a program designed to establish urban educational opportunities for pre-service teachers and in-service teachers as well as for scholars.

Milwaukee Partnership Academy

The Milwaukee Partnership Academy is an Urban P-16 Council for Quality Teaching and Learning is designed to develop a comprehensive teacher education prototype for preparing K-12 teachers for high needs schools through a strong and unique partnership.

Office of Charter Schools

The Office of Charter Schools implements state legislation authorizing the operation of charter schools and serves as the review and monitoring organization as defined by the legislation.

Paul Haubrich, Interim Director
Location: Enderis Hall 221
Phone: 414-229-4682
Fax: 414-229-2670

Redesign Initiatives Project for Urban Special Education Teacher Preparation

The Redesign Initiatives Project for Urban Special Education Teacher Preparation is five year grant from the U.S. Department of Education (2011-2016) will result in the redesign and restructuring of UWM's special education teacher preparation program at the elementary and middle school level. Initiatives include: ensuring multiple pathways to teaching; enhancing content expertise and technology use; incorporating a paid, pre-internship component in our UWM-MPS internship program; using clinical performance benchmarks; and connecting with our graduates, parents and the community through a "Summer Exchange."

Finally, in partnership with MPS, the project has an Early Success and Demonstration component, which involves supporting interns and new graduates during their first years of teaching and disseminating video clips of promising practices in special education.

Judy Winn & Alison Ford, Directors
Phone: 414-229-6767

Teacher Preparation Partnerships

Teacher Preparation programs and initiatives are collaborative efforts between the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Education and Milwaukee Public Schools.

UW-Milwaukee Writing Project

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Writing Project is a member site of the National Writing Project. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Writing Project dedicates itself to improving the teaching and learning of writing in classrooms throughout southeastern Wisconsin.

Karen Rigoni & Donna Pasternak, Directors
Phone: 414-229-5665