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                                                 REGISTRATION  PROCEDURE

How to Register:  We offer three options for easy registration.  Choose the best one for you; then select the desired course from the Course List section below these options, and proceed accordingly.   Your three registration options are as follows:

  1. Online Registration: New and continuing UWM students may register Online for any course listed below. Simply note the 5-digit Class Number and Click here  
  2. Fax an Add/Drop Form: Continuing UWM students may Click here to obtain an Add/Drop form to com-
    plete, sign, and fax to: Attn. Robin Pagan, UWM SOE Office of Academic Affairs: Teaching & Learning-Outreach, at 414-229-3633. You may confirm transmission at 414-229-5255.
  3. Paper Registration: To submit paper registration, simply Click on the desired course below, to com-
    plete the pre-filled fill-able 2-page form. DO NOT submit the form online.  Print the form and sign both
    pages on the line provided. 

Form Submission:  Submit your form via fax by addressing your cover sheet: Attn:  Robin Pagan, UWM SOE Academic Affairs: Teaching & Learning - Outreach, and fax to 414-229-3633 


Send U.S. Mail to: Attn:  Robin Pagan, UWM SOE Academic Affairs: Teaching & Learning - Outreach Office, PO Box 413, Milwaukee, WI 53201-0413.

If you have any questions about any of the above processes or wish to confirm fax transmission, contact 414-229-5255.

                                                        Tuition Information
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                                              Important Tuition Information

If you are paying your own tuition or your tuition will be reimbursed upon successful completion of a course, you must submit your registration before the 'Late Registration' period begins to avoid the $200 minimum tuition payment and possible late fees.  If you register on or after the 'Late Registration' period of your desired course, the $200 minimum tuition payment is required prior to enrollment in the course.  To determine the Late Registration period for your course, Click here for an interactive calendar tool, which provides detailed information on deadlines associated with current and upcoming terms.

                                                              Spring 2013

Currins 593-103 Class No. #47504:  Supervision of Student Teaching - Racine Only

Content Contact:  Instructor: Dr. Jennifer Mueller, or 414-229-5246

Currins 647-101 Class No. #47270:  Early Reading Empowerment: Part 1
Content Information: Instructor: Ms. Casey Gretzinger,

Currins 568-101 Class No. #47102:  Early Reading Empowerment: Part 2
Content Information: Instructor: Ms. Kathryn Champeau,