Barb Daley

Office: Enderis Hall 595
Phone: 414-229-4181

Barbara Daley

Interim Dean, School of Education

Barbara Daley began her adult education career as a staff development instructor in a large hospital setting. Since that time, she has worked as a provider of continuing professional education in health care in a rural community college and in an urban university setting. Daley's current activities include graduate-level teaching on adult learning and change, program planning, organizational learning, qualitative research methods and continuing professional education.

Daley's research interests surround activities designed to expand the current knowledge base on linkages between learning theory, the context of professional practice, and adult education. She was awarded the Cyril O. Houle Scholars in Adult and Continuing Education Fellowship. The fellowship, funded by the Kellogg Foundation, provided research support for her project, "Learning and Context: Understanding the Connections in Continuing Professional Education."

Daley currently serves on the editorial review board of Adult Education Quarterly, Human Resource Development International, The Journal of Learning and Health and Social Care, The Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions, and the Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing. Daley holds her Ph.D. in adult education from Cornell University.

Selected Publications

Book Chapters

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