Regina Smith

Office: Enderis Hall 651
Phone: 414-416-5943

Regina Smith

Associate Professor
Department of Administrative Leadership

Regina Smith teaches courses in adult and organizational learning and development, educational dimensions of the older adult, program planning, administration of adult education programs, urban adult education seminars, the principles and foundations of the Wisconsin technical college system, and teaching multicultural and special needs adults.

She received two M.A.'s (one in educational technology/instructional design and the other in Christian education) and her Ph.D. in higher adult and lifelong education from Michigan State University.

Current Research/Projects

Her urban adult literacy education research includes projects such as: using concept mapping in GED preparation programs, beyond drill and practice incorporating integrated content, problem based learning, and concept maps into developmental education classes, and a project to find funding to test a model to help low-income and low-literate adults obtain sustainable jobs.

Selected Publications

Smith, R. O., & Ross-Gordon, J. M. (accepted). Developing community-based programs for multicultural adults with learning disabilities. New Horizons in Adult Education and Human Resource Development.

Paige, J., & Smith, R. O. (in-press). Nurse faculty experiences learning problem based learning. Journal of Nursing Education Perspectives.

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