A master's degree in school or community counseling is closer than you think. Join us and meet the faculty, learn more about getting started, and learn about our flexible evening courses.

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Open House Event Info

  • Tuesday, November 13, 2012 | 5 - 7 pm
  • UWM Campus, Enderis Hall, Denemark Lounge 1st Floor
  • 2400 E. Hartford Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53211

  • Meet with faculty, students, and financial aid
  • We've trained the majority of the school and community counselors in the Milwaukee area since 1970. A master's degree in school or community counseling is closer than you think. Join us and meet the faculty, learn more about getting started, and learn about our flexible evening courses.

    About the School Counseling Concentration

    Approved by the Wisconsin DPI, the School Counseling concentration trains students to apply the principles of learning, human development, counseling, research and measurement within schools.

    About the Community Counseling Concentration

    The Community Counseling concentration prepares students for work in a variety of settings such as mental health clinics, community agencies, counseling centers, colleges, universities and businesses.

    About the Department of Educational Psychology

    • The Department of Educational Psychology maintains the collective responsibility for training students in the areas of school and community counseling, school psychology, learning and development, and educational statistics and measurement.

    • The department's graduate programs will provide you with a variety of course and training experiences which are appropriate for careers in the following areas: Educational and psychological researchers, University professors, School psychologists, and School or Community Counselors. In addition to an emphasis on the theoretical and empirical foundations of education psychology, these programs offer you practical experiences in research, teaching and clinical settings in an urban environment. Master’s degrees are offered in school and community counseling, learning and development, and educational statistics and measurement.

    Our Students & Faculty

    Just a few of the many compelling stories from our students and faculty.

    Muneebah Abdullah

    Muneebah Abdullah’s vision for a career change from police officer to community counselor was inspired by a goal to help others by looking at the whole person. Abdullah is a sexual assault counselor at The Healing Center in Milwaukee, a center that provides support through non-insurance services. A Milwaukee native and comfortable with the UWM campus since visiting as a small child, she came to UWM as a non-traditional student after leaving her first career and worked toward her undergraduate degree in Psychology. She focused on community counseling with a certificate in trauma counseling for her graduate work in the Department of Educational Psychology. Abdullah, who credits UWM professor Shannon Chavez-Korell as being instrumental in her training, works with both adult male and female survivors of childhood sexual trauma as well as adult assaults to help guide victims through the shame associated with a sexual assault, coping skills, and finding their voice in an environment where they don’t feel rushed. In the community counseling program, Abdullah was fortunate to start her practicum at The Healing center and after graduation was welcomed for a full-time position. “I was really fortunate that I got the paid externship here and then to be welcomed on as a full-time staff , that they believed I was a really good counselor and would be a good fit for The Healing Center, it was really affirming to me." Learn more

    Nadya Fouad, Department Chair (pictured left)

    Nadya A. Fouad, Ph.D., received her doctorate from the University of Minnesota in counseling psychology. She is a university distinguished professor in the Counseling Psychology program at UW-Milwaukee. Nadya is editor of The Counseling Psychologist. She has published articles and chapters on cross-cultural vocational assessment, career development of women and racial/ethnic minorities, interest measurement, cross-cultural counseling and race and ethnicity and has presented her scholarship at international conferences. Fouad and her co-author, Romila Singh, have recently received funding from the National Science Foundation to understand the barriers and supports for women with engineering degrees who do and do not persist in engineering careers. In addition, Fouad has an active research team that focuses on career development and cultural competence. All students on the team have presented at a national conference or participated in a publication. Learn more

    Fernando Orozco

    By bus, by friendship, by his advocacy, more students are coming to UWM through the outreach of Fernando Orozco, who graduated with an education degree May 2010. He started his outreach by establishing a student organization, Loyalty Equals Brotherhood. Orozco and friends wanted a support system that reinforced brotherhood, community service, cultural awareness and loyalty as ways to realize academic success. Loyalty members commuted to UWM from various Metro Milwaukee neighborhoods. Starting in the spring of 2009, he assisted Educational Psychology Assistant Professor Shannon Chavez-Korell with research on health issues affecting Latinos and mental health issues affecting Native Americans. This research helped Orozco get accepted into an accelerated master’s program at the University of Michigan. “Encouragement from the different communities keeps me going day-to-day,” he says.

    Jaquaye Russell

    The SOE’s counseling psychology program is helping troubled girls and young women gain control of their lives. The partnership with the Lad Lake-St. Rose Campus was started in 2005 by former faculty member Deborah Renard, says Stephen Wester, professor of Educational Psychology, who now supervises the program that brings third- and fourth-year doctoral students in counseling psychology to the center to assist with assessments. Counseling psychology students and the SOE provide vital assessments and testing that help guide the staff in making and carrying out treatment plans. Students focus on assessments for residential clients, though they may help with the day program and school as time and resources allow. SOE Educational Psychology student, Jaquaye Russell (pictured right) works on assessments with the young women at the center.

    Maps & Parking

    Enderis Hall Denemark Lounge 1st Floor

    1. 2400 E. Hartford Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53211

    Public hourly parking is available near Enderis Hall and around campus. Lots near Enderis Hall include: the parking lot between Enderis Hall and Chapman Hall, the lot near Garland Hall, the Klotsche Pavilion 4th/5th floors, and the lot directly behind Enderis Hall next to Holton Hall and Merrill Hall.

    Hourly Rates
    Pay Stations: $0.85/hr
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