Praxis I Waiver Request


Wisconsin Administrative Code PI.34.14(1)a.1 requires that students applying for admission to their initial Wisconsin teacher licensure program pass tests in Pre-Professional Skills (or the PPST) in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Programs affected by this requirement are administered in the Departments of Curriculum and Instruction and Exceptional Education in the School of Education and by the Arts Education Review Board in the Peck School of the Arts. This PI.34 requirement allows institutions of higher education to grant a waiver to no more than 10% of the total number of students admitted for each admissions year under conditions determined by the university PI.34.14(2)2.

Conditions for Eligibility:

All four conditions must be met and documented by the applicant in the attached PRAXIS I Waiver Request Form to be considered for a waiver. To request a waiver, the applicant must establish that:

1) All other program admissions requirements have been met.

2) Two of the three PRAXIS I subtests have been passed.

3) The failed subtest has been taken at least twice.

4) There is convincing, alternative evidence available to support ones basic skill competency in the failed subtest area (e.g., success in recent, related coursework; passing scores or sufficiently high scores on standardized tests such as placement tests, ACT, SAT, Praxis II, GRE). This evidence (as noted by the applicant on the PRAXIS I Waiver Request Form) will be reviewed by the appropriate program faculty committee. Acceptance of this alternative evidence requires an approval signature on the PRAXIS I Waiver Request Form by the committee chairperson. Approval is by no means automatic.


If an applicant is believed to have met these four conditions, then the following procedures apply:

49.5KB Praxis I Waiver Form

31KB Praxis I Waiver Request Policy



PRAXIS I (PPST) Self-Directed Study Guides

Visit the ERC for multiple practice exams for each subject.


Test Retake Policy — Praxis I & II™ Tests

Computer-Delivered Tests

You may only take each Praxis™ computer-delivered test once every 30 consecutive days, not including the day of your test. If you wish to retest, you must select a test date that is more than 30 days after your previous test date. (Note: if you take the combined PPST test, you cannot take an individual PPST test until after the 30-day period.) This applies even if you canceled your scores on a test taken previously. If you violate this restriction, the scores from your retest will not be reported and your test fees will not be refunded.

Paper-Delivered Tests

ETS does not limit the number of times you can retake a paper-delivered Praxis test; however, some states, associations, and institutions may limit the number of times you can retest. Contact your state or licensing agency to confirm their retest policy.


More information regarding the test retake policy can be found at this link.


Praxis Service & Test Fees

Praxis Service & Test Fees: