The New PLATO Learning Environment (PLE)

What is the new PLATO Learning Environment (PLE)?

The PLATO Learning Environment (PLE) is a web-based instructional support and test preparation program offering assessment and lessons directly related to the Praxis I (PPST) math, reading, and writing sections.  There are three practice exams for each subject.

How Will PLE Help me Prepare for Taking the Praxis?

The computer will grade your test and provide you with a breakdown of your score in relation to the types of questions asked.

What Type of Lessons Does the PLE System Have?
  • Praxis I Mathematics
  • Praxis I Reading
  • Praxis I Writing
  • Praxis II: Elementary Education: Content Knowledge
  • Praxis II: Middle School: Content Knowledge
  • Praxis II: Social Studies: Content Knowledge
  • Praxis II: General Science: Content Knowledge
  • Praxis II: Mathematics: Content Knowledge
  • Praxis II: English Language, Literature Composition: Content Knowledge
  • Praxis II: Art: Content Knowledge
How Much Time Will I Have to Use the PLE System?

The system will log you out after 60 minutes of inactivity.

Please keep in mind that others may be waiting online to use the system and remember to log off.


System Specifications
  1. Users should make sure that pop-ups are allowed for the Plato site, as the program may appear in the form of a pop-up window.
  2. After logging in users may see the following message: "You must install the Plato Web Learning Network plug-ins before you will be able to run courseware." Click "OK" to download plug-ins and proceed to access the program.
  3. Supported web browsers: Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 for Windows. Safari 3.2.X for Mac.
Who Can I Call if I Have Questions? Call the Education Resource Center at 414-229-3326.


For technical questions, call PLE Technical Support at 1-800-869-2200



Click the above underlined hyperlink to download the instructions via PDF format.


Logging into PLATO:

For Praxis I (Reading, Writing, Mathematics):

Class ID:  1c0ec3f2d15c481d82d620c9711d98e3

Password:  panthers

 Nine different practice exams can be accessed (3 for each required subject).


For Praxis II:

Class ID:  6ab2d54980504a63b384fcf1babf52f4

Password: panthers



Logging out of PLATO:

Be sure to select the ‘Log Out’ button on the top right hand portion of your screen once you have completed working. The Log Out feature automatically saves your work/progress in the course.


Questions or Concerns:

If you have additional questions about using PLATO, (including technical readiness requirements for your operating system) please reference the PLATO Support Webpage link located below.


In addition, if you receive and ‘error message’ regarding site license usage, it is likely that all site licenses are in use, and you should try accessing PLATO again later.