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WELCOME to UWM’s online reference site for cooperating teachers and school/district based supervisors/mentors! Thank you so much for your willingness to join the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s professional education program by providing your services as a cooperating teacher or school/district based supervisor/mentor for one of our students. You provide essential on-the-job experiences for our professionals-in-training and provide them with valuable opportunities to practice their skills within a specific environment. Field experiences offer our students unique occasions to identify techniques that work best for them, develop professional routines, and reflect on areas of needed growth. You play a crucial role in the student’s journey towards becoming an effective professional in the field of education.
Please use the tutorials on this page to enrich your experience as a cooperating teacher or school/district based supervisor/mentor. Please click on the title that describes your role. You will be taken to a list of webcasts that can assist you as you prepare for the arrival of one of our students.


Cooperating Teachers

School / Distrit Based Supervisors / Mentors