Case Study Analysis Template


Your analysis of a Teaching Minute video case should attend to three broad areas: (1) interaction with the case as a developing professional, (2) connections to students' academic development, and (3) representations of the InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards.

Helpful Documents:

Theoretical Underpinnings of the Video Cases (PDF)

Rubric for Scoring Case Study Analyses (PDF)

Submitting Your Analysis:

There are two ways to submit your analysis:

Option 1: Filling in a PDF of the Case Study Analysis Template, saving it to your computer, and then submitting it via email to The benefit to this method is that you will have a saved PDF copy of your analysis for future use.

Option 2: Filling out the Case Study Analysis Template online form (below), and then submitting it through the Web. This option benefits users who are using mobile devices or prefer the ease of an online form.

Case Study Analysis Template Online Form

Begin your analysis by offering a brief description of the case (no more than 5 sentences).

  1. What are you thinking and feeling in reaction to the video?

  2. What was the teacher trying to accomplish? What did the teacher do to achieve it? What was the outcome?

  3. Now, put yourself in the student's position and offer a response to the following:

    • In what ways did you connect people and content?

    • How has this situation impacted your sense of control over the learning environment?

    • In what ways do you see yourself as competent individual, as a result, of this situation? (emotion, behavior, academic competence)

  4. If appropriate, what classroom management strategies, if used, might have deescalated or prevented this situation?

  5. What would your goals be for this student/class during the next month?

As you view each video segment, highlight how the teacher: (a) Promotes learner-engagement; (b) Attends to developing students' knowledge; (c) Utilizes assessment tasks for/of learning; and (d) Promotes community-building within the classroom, school and children's lived experiences.

Discuss the level of performance, essential knowledge and critical dispositions demonstrated by the teacher for one or more of the linked standards. Offer evidence from the clip to support your answer. If appropriate, discuss the video clips connections to Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS). Do this by identifying the segment that portrays Acknowledgment/Reinforcements, Pre-corrects and/or Expectations/Procedures. Then respond to the following three questions:

  1. What resulted or could result because of this intervention?

  2. What unexpected outcomes might occur? How would you respond?

  3. What do you suggest for the next step in working with this class/student?