Academic Planning Committee

Roster 2014-15

Consists of the PhD Program Director, Undergraduate Program Director, MLIS Program Director, Assistant Dean (Unit Business Representative - non-voting, ex officio), Executive Committee chair, an Assistant Professor, a TAS, and one student each from the three degree levels. The committee cannot be chaired by the Executive Committee chair or by an assistant professor. In the event that a member occupies two qualified roles, an EC member will be appointed in accordance with the above 1.04 (6). The Associate Dean will serve as a non-voting ex officio member.

Donald Force (2013-15)
Iris Xie (Ph.D. Director)
Wilhelm Peekhaus (2014-2016)
Alex Dimitroff (Int Assoc Dean, ex-officio)
Tom Walker (2014-2016)
Heidi Janzen (SOIS UBR/Assistant Dean)
Khaled Sabha (2014-16)
One UG, Master's and Doctoral student
Laretta Henderson (EC Chair)

Agendas and Minutes 2014-15

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October 10, 2014
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December 02, 2014
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