MLIS Careers

MLIS Career Information

The MLIS program prepares graduates for careers within a traditional library setting as well as a new and emerging positions in various areas such as communications, marketing, business, technology services, and research.

MLIS Career Outlook

Many of the school's MLIS students enter the program looking to secure a job in a library. In 2009, US News and World Report ranked librarianship as the best career. With the Baby Boomer generation retiring, the need for librarians will be stronger than ever. In 2009, the American Library Association (ALA) organized a poll that found that 96% of respondents agreed that free access to materials and resources played an integral part in offering opportunities for success.

For more information on librarianship as a career, please see the Department of Labor's Occupational Handbook entry for librarians (

It's important to remember that the MLIS is not just librarianship. MLIS graduates should also seek positions in communications, marketing, business, technology services, research and other related fields. More and more, businesses and government organizations seek candidates with the ability to gather, organize and disseminate information.

MLIS Career Trends

MLIS Career Titles

Traditional MLIS careers can be found in libraries, museums, and other information institutions. Students interested in librarianship should be aware of some of the career titles that will see in their job search. Those titles include:

Public Libraries

Adult Services Librarian

Children's/Teen/YA Librarian


Technical Services Librarian

Special Libraries


Theological Librarian

Law Librarian

Medical/Health Care Informatics Librarian

Music Librarian

Museum Curator

School Media Specialist

Academic Libraries

Collection Development Librarian

Digital Librarian


Bibliographic Instruction Librarian

Subject Specific Librarian (Music, History, Government Documents, etc)

Information specialists are need in all sectors of the marketplace including law, medicine, insurance, government, and entertainment. Some titles to consider for MLIS students interested in information science positions include:

Information Architect


Database Manager

Web Content Manager

Information Specialist

Information Analyst

Library Vendor

MLIS Career Websites

Before any job search, it’s important to be prepared. Students who take the time to identify their goals, put together a resume, practice interviews, and seek out potential mentors will find the process is much easier. Below are some suggestions for job sites and career advice.

Before applying for any positions, students should consider consulting UWM’s Career Development Center for tips on resume building and cover-letter writing. For more library-focused guidance, please consult ALA’s Get a Job Toolkit. These tools will help get the students on the right track toward a successful career.

For students looking to pursue a library-track position, there are a number of job sites to explore. Below is a list of career sites which students may find useful:

SOIS students and alumni are also encouraged to visit our Linked In groups for job postings.

Because of the diverse nature of the field, there are fewer job-specific sites for careers in information science. Students looking for positions in information science are encouraged to be creative in their job search. A few sites that might prove helpful include: