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There are many ways to support SOIS students or the School. Here are some of the funds that might interest you:

UndergraduateScholarship Funds

SOIS Undergraduate Diversity Scholarship Fund

Eligibility Criteria: Full or part-time SOIS undergraduate students who havedeclared the IST major. Consistent with the mission and goals ofSOIS, the Diversity Scholarship is designed to assist students ofunderrepresented groups in higher education. For more informationplease review the SOIS Statement on Diversity.

SOIS Undergraduate General Scholarship Fund

Eligibility Criteria: Full or part-time SOIS undergraduate students who havedeclared the IST major.


MLIS Scholarship Funds

SOIS Towards A Diverse Profession Scholarship Fund (Diversity Scholarship)

Award Amount:

  • Tuition (in-state or out-of-state) including but not limited to the Graduate Instructional Tuition fee, Graduate Non-Resident Tuition fee, Info Sci-Distance Education Tuition fee, Mandatory Student Fee Fixed, Mandatory Student Fee Variable, Segregated Fee, for 30, 33, 36, or 39 credit MLIS degree program. Please note that payment will be applied the student’s tuition account rather than paid to the student directly, a record of which may be viewed on the student’s paws webpage.
  • Award of $1000 per 3 credits up to a maximum of the total required credits for the degree. Part time and full time students are eligible.
  • $1500 for a laptop and printer.

Description: Awarded to incoming MLIS students. To recruit, retain and graduateSOIS students who will contribute to diversity among librarians andinformation professionals.

Eligibility Criteria: Academic merit based on undergraduate and (if applicable) graduateperformance. Selection of recipient is made by the SOIS GraduateAdmissions and Awards Committee. Continuation of the scholarship willbe contingent on the recipient (1) maintaining a GPA of B or above,(2) making appropriate progress toward his/her degree, and (3)following all applicable UW System, UWM or SOIS policies andprocedures, in the sole discretion of the SOIS Graduate Admissionsand Awards Committee.

SOIS MLIS General Scholarship Fund

Eligibility Criteria: Full or part-time MLIS student.


PhD Scholarship Funds

SOIS PhD Diversity Scholarship Fund

Eligibility Criteria: Full or part-time SOIS students enrolled in the PhDprogram. Consistent with the mission and goals of SOIS, the DiversityScholarship is designed to assist students of underrepresented groupsin higher education. For more information please review the SOIS Statement on Diversity.

SOIS PhD General Scholarship Fund

Eligibility Criteria: Full or part-time SOIS students enrolled in the PhD program.


Named MLIS Scholarship Funds

Arthurand Irene Burckel Scholarship Fund

Eligibility Criteria: Scholarships based on enrollment full or part time as a graduatestudent in SOIS with demonstrated financial need.

B.G.Bartley Scholarship Fund

Description: This scholarship is named after Barbara G. Bartley, Associate Professor Emerita.

Eligibility Criteria: For graduate students in SOIS who are pursuing a certificate as aschool library/media specialist. Preference will be given to studentsattending American Association of School Librarians (AASL) nationalconference.

Drs.Alexandra Dimitroff and Thomas Walker Scholarship Fund

Description: Thanks to the generosity of a SOIS alumna, this scholarship supports library education and honors two faculty of the School of InformationStudies, Drs. Alexandra Dimitroff and Thomas Walker. The scholarshipis awarded to full or part-time graduate students interested in acareer in public libraries with a preference for those intending tospecialize in services for children and young adults.

Eligibility Criteria: Full or part-time graduate status, with at least 18 credits towardthe MLIS degree.

Timothy L. Ericson Scholarship in Archival Studies Fund

Description: The University of Wisconsin -- Milwaukee School of InformationStudies is inviting applicants for the Timothy L. Ericson Scholarshipin Archival Studies, to be awarded each Fall Semester. The Timothy L.Ericson Scholarship in Archival Studies honors the founder andlong-time Director of the SOIS Archival Studies Program, Timothy L. Ericson, whose contributions to SOIS have supported his colleagues,inspired his students and brought many new and talented individualsto the archives profession. Scholarship awarded annually in fall by SOIS to a student pursuing coursework in the archival studies program or a certificate of advanced studies inachieves and records management.

Eligibility Criteria: Both On-site and Distance Education students may apply. As of theFall semester of each year, students must be enrolled in the Schoolof Information Studies, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. Studentsmust either be enrolled in the MLIS Program with a Concentration inArchival Studies, or show a demonstrated commitment to ArchivalStudies, or must be enrolled in the Certificate of Advanced Study inArchives and Records Administration (CAS) Program.

Gola Family Scholarship Fund

Description: The Gola Family Scholarship commemorates Waltraud H. Gola, Doris E.Gola, “Papa” Karl-Heinz Gola and Ralph H. Gola. It is to serve asa living memorial and testament to the musical nature and GermanHeritage of the family, as well as the untimely deaths of both Doris(b. Milwaukee, Oct. 2, 1957 and d. West Allis, Jan. 3, 2003) and “Papa” Karl-Heinz (b. Berlin, Germany, Feb. 1, 1929 and d.Menomonee Falls, Oct. 3, 2008). The Gola Family Scholarship standsthe test of time as a living memorial for the life and death of Dorisand “Papa” Karl-Heinz. They are survived by Ralph Gola of Waukesha and Waltraud Gola of Menomonee Falls. View more details here >>

Eligibility Criteria: This scholarship supports a student with a demonstrated background or future interest in the following area(s): Music Librarianship, GermanLiterature, or Information Specialist with an interest in Music orGerman Literature. Preference is given to a first year graduatestudent.

HeleneIngwersen McAndrews and Allan J. McAndrews Scholarship Fund

Description: This scholarship is awarded to an MLIS student based on academicmerit and financial need.

Ted Samore Scholarship Fund

Description: Named in honor of Professor Theodore (Ted) Samore, who retired at the conclusion of the 1989-90 academic year after 24 years of dedicatedservice in the field of Library Science. Samore, who set a high barfor research in the field of Library Science, was known for hiscommitment to students as a teacher and mentor. 

Eligibility Criteria: This scholarship is awarded to an MLIS student based on academicmerit and outstanding student achievement or promise.

H.W. Wilson Foundation Scholarship Fund

Description: Awarded to an entering or continuing MLIS student with an expressedinterest in information technology or library automation.

EligibilityCriteria: Academic merit based on undergraduate (minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA)and (if applicable) graduate performance (minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA).


Funds that support the School or all student levels

Information Studies General Fund

To enhance the programs of the UWM SOIS by providing private support for financialaid and general operating expenses including, but not limited tosupplies, equipment, travel and entertainment.

SOIS General Scholarship and Awards Fund

To provide scholarship and awards to graduate and undergraduate studentsenrolled in SOIS. Criteria will be established from time to time.

Ted SamoreMemorial Lecture Fund

To support the annual Ted Samore Memorial lecture, named in honor of Professor Emeritus Theodore Samore who died in 1992. The account will pay forall expenses associated with the lecture including publicity,reception, fees for guest speakers, their travel and lodging whenneeded and other related expenses.

SOIS Employee Morale Recruitment and Retention Fund

To elevate moraleand increase recruitment and retention within the SOIS by providing retirement or appreciation receptions, luncheons and miscellaneous social gatherings and expenses for the SOIS faculty and staff membersof the community who have provided services to the SOIS. This account will be funded by donations from the Dean, faculty and staff, and outside donors who are aware of this fund’s purpose.