Makarere University, Uganda
Activities: Faculty Exchanges
Student Exchanges
Research Opportunities
Program Director(s): Pr. Dick Kawooya,

Makerere University

East African School of Library and Information Science (EASLIS)
Kampala, Uganda

SOIS has a long-standing relationship with the Makerere University in Uganda through the University of Tennessee’s School of Information Studies (SIS). The two schools have a Memorandum of Understanding, signed in 2004, that aligns the school’s research missions. There have also been student exchanges performed through Valdosta State, Tennessee and South Carolina. This relationship with American universities makes it much more likely that future exchanges will take place. Regarded as one of the best universities in Africa, Makarare offers plenty of opportunities for research and exchanges.

Activities: Student Exchanges
Program Director(s): Pr. Dick Kawooya,

Kyambogo University (KYU)

Kampala, Uganda

Kyambogo is emerging as a potential partner for SOIS. In the next few years, this bond will be strengthened. One of only five public universities in Uganda, Kyambogo University prides itself on its dedication to science and technology. Students interested in the development of information systems should investigate this connection.

South Africa

Pretoria University, South Africa
Partnerships: Study Abroad
Faculty Exchanges
Student Exchanges
Research Opportunities
Program Director(s): Pr. Jacques du Plessis,
Pr. Shana Ponelis,

University of Pretoria

School of Information Technology
Pretoria, South Africa

SOIS’ sister school in South Africa, this is a very high priority relationship. With a formal agreement in place and several SOIS faculty members coming from Pretoria, opportunities for research and scholarship are plentiful. Each January, SOIS sponsors a study abroad program in conjunction with Pretoria. Faculty and students should also consider attending conferences that are held each year at Pretoria. In 2008, the Information Ethics conference was held here, attended by several SOIS faculty and students.