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A Portrait of a Fraud: The Stapel Case

Dr. John M. Budd
Professor, School of Information Science & Learning Technologies, University of Missouri

Friday, November 16, 2012
12:30PM - 2:00PM
*Lunch will be served

In 2011 three Dutch universities conducted an exhaustive investigation into the published works of renowned social psychologist Diederik Stapel. The review committee found that almost all of his more than 100 journal articles were questionable. Eventually, he admitted to fabricating data on an enormous scale. The uncovering of his misconduct led to questions, not only of his integrity, but of the scholarly publishing system, especially in the social sciences. The presentation will offer background of this case and some analysis of the outcome of his publications.

NWQB 3511
2025 E Newport Ave • Milwaukee, WI 53211

About the Speaker:
John M. Budd is a Professor in the School of Information Science & Learning Technologies at the University of Missouri. His research areas are Operations and Economics of Scholarly Communications, Social and Epistemological Aspects of Knowledge Transfer, and the Politics of Higher Education and Academic Libraries. His work applies hermeneutics, phenomenology, and ethics in LIS. Dr Budd is also active in associations including having been president of ALISE.

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