LOD-LAM Next Steps

From principles & theory to systems infrastructure & user interface design

Corey Harper
Metadata Services Librarian at New York University

March 4th, 2013
4:00 -6:00 pm

UWM Library 4th Floor Conference Center
Refreshments will be provided

After the concept of Linked Data appeared in 2006 the Library Archives and Museums (LAM) community began to pursue the potential of Semantic Web principles for metadata interoperability in the cultural heritage domain. 2011 seemed a watershed year, seeing the culmination of the W3C Linked Library Data Incubator Group, the First Linked Open Data in Libraries Archives and Museums Summit, and an announcement that the Bibliographic Framework Transition Initiative would be be focused on Linked Data & the Web. At Dublin Core 2011, Emmanuelle Bermes asked that we not just "publish data", but also "try to think about actual uses, for end users", calling for a shift in focus toward UI design and testing. The subsequent year brought many demonstrations of such uses.

In this talk, Corey Harper will provide a brief introduction to the principles and promise of linked data in libraries, archives & museums, including information about emerging models and vocabularies for managing LAM metadata as Linked Data. He will introduce a variety of tools and frameworks for analyzing, managing, refining, and reconciling existing metadata. The talk will then provide a number of examples ranging from DPLA and Europeana to smaller boutique projects and will conclude with a discussion of Corey's current research, recently presented at code4lib12 in Chicago.

This event is sponsored by the School of Information Studies, Information Organization Research Group (IOrg) and UWM'Libraries

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