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IOrg Lecture: From Sense-Making to Memory-Making

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
4:00 - 5:00PM
NWQ B 3511

Dr. Lynne Howarth,
Distinguished Researcher in Information Organization

Numerous studies of information sense-making and recall strategies are evident in research related to children, to less advantaged or marginalized populations, and to the adult population in general. Representation (as a physical state that stands for an object, event, or concept) and memory have been studied in depth by cognitive scientists and neuropsychologists, among others. Within information science, the concept of representation has appeared in the scholarly literature of knowledge organization, and in studies of bibliographic citations and catalogue records as representations or surrogates of documents or objects. This presentation will report on a methodological journey seeking to frame an exploratory study of narratives from individuals with Alzheimer Disease (AD). The analysis will situate cognitive science concepts of representation and memory within the framework of information sense-making and recall strategies.

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