Minding the Gaps

[Image] Minding the Gaps

Wikileaks & Internet Security in the 21st Century
a symposium including Laura DeNardis (Yale) and UWM faculty Sandra Braman (Communication) and Richard Grusin (C21; English)

For complete details and more information on this event, please visit www.C21.uwm.edu

Friday, February 4, 2011
2:00 PM
Curtin Hall Rm: 175

Live Stream Available: http://www4.uwm.edu/sois/live/

The title of our symposium, Minding the Gaps:Wikileaks and Internet Security in the 21st Century, comes from the ubiquitous pre-recorded security voice on the London Tube, reminding passengers to “mind the gap” between train cars and platforms. Unlike the physical gaps of 20th­century transportation technologies like the Underground, the information gaps of 21st-century communication technologies like the Internet pose security issues of a very different kind—as epitomized by the ongoing conflict between Wikileaks and (especially) the US government. This symposium will address the questions of Wikileaks and Internet security from three different perspectives—political, legal, and medial— in order to come to terms with the ways in which Wikileaks crystallizes some of the major security questions of the 21st century.

Dr. Laura DeNardis is a Research Scholar, Lecturer, and the Executive Director of the Information Society Project at Yale Law School. In her presentation, she will address the technical and governance issues involved in enabling or interdicting Wikileaks from operating freely. Sandra Braman, Professor of Communication at UWM, will concentrate on the suite of legal issues at the core of the Cablegate affair, including situating those issues within the post-World War II treatment of national security and information. C21 director and Professor of English Richard Grusin will take up questions of mediality and affectivity in relation to Wikileaks. 

For complete details and more information on this event, please visit www.C21.uwm.edu

Sponsored by: Center for 21st Century Studies, College of Letters and Science, Center for Information Policy Research, with support from the Graduate School, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

A live stream of this event is available at SOIS Live
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