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Scholarships: Help Students Achieve Their Goals Scholarships: Help Students Achieve Their Goals

The cost of a degree can be expensive, but the School of Information Studies (SOIS) wants to help. SOIS offers many scholarship opportunities to current and incoming undergraduate and graduate students.

New Scholarship Opportunities

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Information Science and Technology (BSIST) major are eligible to apply for the following awards:
•  SOIS Undergraduate General Scholarship
•  SOIS Undergraduate Diversity General Scholarship

Students pursuing a Masters of Library and Information Science (MLIS) are eligible to apply for the following awards:  
•  SOIS MLIS General Scholarship
•  SOIS MLIS Diverse Professions Scholarship

For these scholarships, awards up to $1,000 are given based on need, academic achievement, and responses to a three-question application form. For the General Scholarships, all SOIS undergraduate and graduate students are eligible and encouraged to apply; students from underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply for the Diversity scholarships.  

Robert Nunez, a current MLIS student was a recipient of the 2010 MLIS Diverse Professions Scholarship. Nunez says that, “the scholarship has helped a great deal, and I no longer have to worry about how I am going to pay for my education. Before the scholarship I was working four campus jobs to help make ends meet; now I only work as a web developer for SOIS.”

SOIS offers many other opportunities for scholarships. Jessica Hutchings, an Associate Advisor says “scholarships can provide opportunities for travel and professional development that students might not have otherwise had access to.” Hutchings adds that “scholarships enrich the academic experience of our students. We all know that they can offset the cost of high and ever rising tuition, but they also connect current students with a network of alumni and professionals, the ranks of which they will be joining very soon after graduation.”

SOIS Silent Auction Scholarship Fundraiser!
Help us fund student scholarships!

Silent AuctionTo help raise funds for some of these scholarships, SOIS is holding the 2nd Annual SOIS Scholarship Silent Auction on December 1 from 5-7pm at the UWM Libraries 4th Floor Conference Center. The event, which is open to the public, will feature live music and refreshments, along with the chance to bid on some auction items. All are encouraged to attend and/or donate goods or services to the auction. Donations are being accepted until November 15th. To make a donation, please contact either Laura Meyer at lauram@uwm.edu or Tom Walker at twalker@uwm.edu .

Visit the Silent Auction Website for complete details and to view Silent Auction Items!



For More Information

A full list of scholarships offered to graduate students, along with applications and deadlines can be found here:


Scholarship information for undergraduates can be found here:


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