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SOIS Alumnus Honored with Nancy B.Olson Award

[Image] SOIS Alumnus Honored with Nancy B.Olson Award

Robert L. Bothmann, an alumnus and adjunct instructor at SOIS, has been awarded the 2012 Nancy B. Olson Award. The annual award, sponsored by the Online Audiovisual Catalogers (OLAC) network, recognizes a librarian who has made significant contributions to the advancement and understanding of audiovisual cataloging and electronic resources. Bothmann was recognized for his multiple leadership roles in OLAC and other national organizations, for educating colleagues and teaching future generations of librarians cataloging rules, as well his intellectual contributions to the field.

Bothmann is the instructor for both “Cataloging & Classification” and “Advanced Cataloging” at SOIS. He is also an adjunct lecturer at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In addition to teaching, Bothmann works as the Metadata and Emerging Technologies Librarian at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

He is the coauthor of Cataloging of Audiovisual Materials and Other Special Materials (5th ed.) and other various publications. In addition to his MLIS from SOIS, Bothmann also has a Master of Science in Cross-disciplinary Studies: Geography & English Technical Communication from Minnesota State University, Mankato.  

The annual award is named after Nancy B. Olson, the founder and first chair of OLAC, and an acknowledged expert of non-book cataloging. To learn more about this award, and see a list of past recipients, visit: http://www.olacinc.org/drupal/?q=node/405

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