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IIA Lab Working on Architectural Search Project

In conjunction with the School of Architecture and Urban Planning (SARUP), SOIS Associate Professor Xianming Mu and his team at the Intelligence, Information, and Architecture (IIA) lab have begun working on creating a new database search function. The project involves Community Design Solutions (CDS) which is a non-profit, student-run design institute within SARUP.

Through the collaboration, Dr. Mu noted that he hopes to generate more funding. The lab began in 2007 as a tool to increase research potential. With CDS, Mu and students Lucio Campanelli and Dan Rude applied for several grants that would fund the complete overhaul of CDS’ database. The project is currently on-going and moving into a design and testing phase.

Mu also believes that the coordination of areas of information science, such as information organization and interface design are better achieved with the lab in place. “The lab is a platform to help students and faculty explore new technologies for teaching and learning,” said Mu.

Two of the labs’ student workers, Kun Lu and Hohyon Ryu can be credited for doing the early work on developing a search function for the database. Ryu recently returned to Korea after a year of partnering Mu and Lu. Mu admits that he’s sad to see to see Ryu go, but will continue to work with him over the web from Seoul.

In the future, Mu hopes to get some new students into the lab to continue testing and collaborating. “We’re proud of what we achieved but now we need to move forward,” he noted.

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