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SOIS Expands International Partnerships

Dr. Mohammad Aman and the School of Information Studies (SOIS) would like to welcome Pr. Ismail Othman, a visiting scholar from Cairo University in Egypt.. Pr. Othman will be doing research in the field of medical information systems. His research is sponsored by the Egyptian government who sends scholars abroad to continue their studies. Dr. Aman is part of the joint American and Egyptian council that oversees the candidates’ progression. “The program has two critical benefits to the university,” listed Dr. Aman, “the first is the interaction between international faculty and students. The second is the exposure Milwaukee gets for hosting scholars like Pr. Othman.”

Dr. Aman emphasizes that this exposure is not be overlooked. He says that while other graduate schools in information science have ignored international connections, SOIS continues to build an excellent reputation in the global community. “We have a lot of momentum in the global environment,” he stated. He noted that many former students – Wisconsin natives even – have gone on to do international work in the field of library and information science. He cited two examples in students that gone to Africa working for both the Foreign Service and State Department. With the growth of the online program, Dr. Aman thinks that this is a trend that will continue. “We have a lot of great students coming through the program now,” he added.

As more of the field becomes international, Dr. Aman continues to look to the future. He recently designed a seminar course in Multicultural and Educational Issues. The course is meant to prepare students in a whole host of matters that they will face in the increasingly expanding professional setting. Dr. Aman also notes that the amount of international opportunities have increased for faculty as well. As an example, a few years ago he and some fellow professors had a chance to tour the facilities at a new research institution in Kuwait. He says that this only bodes well for SOIS. “With the PhD program in place, the sky is the limit,” he says. 

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