Cultural Frames of Knowledge

[Image] Cultural Frames of Knowledge

The Information Organization Research Group (IOrg) group completed an anthology on the epistemology of information organization titled Cultural Frames of Knowledge. The book was co-edited by SOIS Visiting Professor Dr. Richard Smiraglia and Associate Professor Hur-Li Lee. It’s published by Ergon Verlag of Germany, and includes eight chapters written by nine authors, five of whom are IOrg members: Smiraglia, Lee, Melodie Fox (PhD student), Professor Hope Olson, and Lei Zhang (postdoctoral fellow). The other four authors are international: two from India (Neelameghan and Raghavan), one from Spain (Martínez-Ávila), and the last originally from Israel (Friedman). The book’s publication details and Table of Contents can be accessed at

As the editors wrote in the conclusion, this project’s “first motivation is to turn a high beam on epistemic issues in knowledge organization followed by an intention to marshal a sample of intellectual resources that represent a wider range of cultures for consideration” (p. 153). In other words, it is intended to broaden and diversify the discourse in hopes to stimulate further scholarly conversations.

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