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RGIR Creates Institutional Repository for Publications

The Research Group for Information Retrieval (RGIR) at the School of Information Studies (SOIS) has storage on the mind. The group recently focused their attention on creating an institutional repository for research published by group members. SOIS Associate Professor Jin Zhang believes that the repository will help push along the quality of publishing into high ranking journals. “In the future, we’d like to invite publishing from outside the group,” he added.

RGIR is also in negotiations to bring in noted information retrieval researcher Tefko Saracevic as a Distinguished Researcher. Saracevic, a professor at Rutgers University, has historically had close ties with SOIS. He has presented several times at SOIS, the latest coming in Spring 2009.

Finally, RGIR academic members are slated to travel to South Korea in May 2010 for a celebration of the Korean Library Association. Dr. Wooseob Jeong, director of the BSIR program and a RGIR member, will be leading the trip.

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