Student Research Day a Success!

In April, the School of Information Studies showcased the hard work of its students with Student Research Day. The event, which was sponsored by the Diversity and Equity Committee and coordinated by Dr. Maria Haigh, was designed to offer students an outlet to display projects and work done inside as well as outside the classroom.

Ten students participated in the event, which was held in the foyer between UWM’s Union and Bolton Hall. The students were asked to draw up a poster detailing their research, including their methods and substance. For Dr. Haigh, the choice of the location in the walkway was strategic, because it offered a lot of foot traffic. “The participants had a lot of visibility,” she said, noting that it also showcased the dedication SOIS has to maintaining its reputation as a major research producer.

Dr. Haigh praised the student work. “It was a great outcome,” she said. The posters were judged by a selection of faculty members who were looking independently for methods and visual representation of the information. The event was open to anyone with an interest in research. Dr. Haigh noted that majority of the work came from graduate students, but said that she was pleased to see some undergraduate entries. Due to the space, she said the number of participants was just about right. She hopes that events like this will encourage students to continue to develop interesting proposals in the future. “There was a lot of variety in the posters,” she added.

The Diversity and Equity Committee hopes to continue the event next year as it could offer a good alternative to next fall’s Student Research Day. By designing a poster, students might get a good feel for how a typical conference works, albeit in a smaller, more comfortable atmosphere.

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