Fieldwork | Archival Studies

Three credits of fieldwork are strongly encouraged for students in the Archival Studies concentration. Fieldwork students must have completed 650 before arranging a fieldwork opportunity. Fieldwork is generally taken for three credits during any semester.



  • Fall fieldwork: June 15
  • Spring fieldwork: Dec 15
  • Summer fieldwork: March 1

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  • Archives Fieldwork Form (PDF | DOC)



Please submit all forms and questions to

You are responsible for identifying a repository to work with, but the Archives Program staff can assist you. If you are planning to undertake fieldwork in the Milwaukee area, please contact before initiating contact with a repository so we can coordinate with other students. You may be able to find fieldwork opportunities at colleges and universities, academic libraries, some public libraries, historical societies, museums, and community organizations. Many of these also advertise when fieldwork opportunities become available.

After the fieldwork forms are submitted, Archives Program staff will contact the repository to ask for confirmation if they can host the student and to formally approve the fieldwork project(s). Once the repository is confirmed, Archives Program staff will send an email introducing the student and Field Supervisor to each other.  The student also must submit the SOIS Fieldwork Placement Form as soon as possible after receiving the introductory email.

During fieldwork students will be expected to contribute to discussions on the Fieldwork D2L site. Specific instructions will be given to the student at the beginning of the semester. Students and Field Supervisors must complete a fieldwork evaluation at the conclusion of the fieldwork.