Professional Organizations | Archival Studies

The archival profession is divided into groups of professional organizations, usually by geography. At a national level, there is the Society of American Archivists in the United States and the Association of Canadian Archivists in Canada. For records managers, ARMA is the national/international organization. ARMA has a professional development page that you might find interesting.

 On a regional level, there are organizations like the Midwest Archives Conference (MAC) and the New England Archivists (NEA), among others.

Groups like the Twin Cities Archives Round Table (TCART) and the Southeastern Wisconsin Archives Group (SWAG) operate on a more local level. The Milwaukee chapter of ARMA is a local resource for records managers.

Joining professional archival organizations is a great way to network and participate in conferences, either as an attendee or a presenter. Organization websites often have information on upcoming conferences, submission information and networking opportunities. Members may also pursue leadership positions in archival organizations.

Please see below for a link to a directory of archival organizations in the United States and Canada.