Coordinated Degree Programs

In collaboration with several other academic units of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the School of Information Studies offers students the opportunity of obtaining two master's degrees at the same time, one in Library and Information Science and one in a subject area.

Degree Credits

The number of degree credits needed for each of the coordinated programs is usually 12 fewer than the sum of the two programs if they were not taken simultaneously. All degree requirements of each component must be satisfied. The coordinated degree programs are currently only available onsite.

MLIS Component

The Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) component of each of the coordinated programs includes 30 credits of SOIS courses. These include the following core courses:  

501 - Foundations of Library and Information Science
511 - Organization of Information
571 - Information Access and Retrieval  
591 - Research in Library and Information Science

Minimum Grade Requirement

The minimum grade requirement for each of the core courses is B (It does not include B-). If an MLIS student fails to meet this requirement, she/he is required to retake that core course. Students have only one chance to retake a failed core course. Students are responsible for the tuition of the retaken course. If a student fails to meet the minimum core course requirement, she/he cannot take another course in which that core course is a prerequisite until the requirement is met. A student who fails to receive a B (It does not include B-) or higher after retaking a core course will be recommended to the Graduate School for academic dismissal. (Effective: Fall 2004) 

Electives - Areas of Concentration

The remaining 18 MLIS credits are selected from the School's offerings in accordance with the student's goals in the coordinated degree program.

List of course recommendations under the MLIS Degree Concentrations