MLIS/MA English

Students interested in the MA/MLIS program are required to choose one of five plans of study in the Department of English. Those plans are:

Prospective Careers

In cooperation with the Department of English, the School of Information Science offers the Master of Library Information Science/Master of Arts (MA/MLIS) coordinated degree program to prepare students for positions as humanities librarians. Students enrolled in this program concurrently pursue an MA degree in English and an MLIS degree. Admission to the MA/MLIS degree is contingent upon acceptance to graduate studies by the Department of English and the School of Information Studies. Therefore, students must apply to both programs as well as to the Graduate School. Prerequisite to the award of either degree in this program is the simultaneous award of its counterpart degree.

Credit Requirements

In addition, students are expected to follow all the requirements and standards of the plan with two exceptions: the MA portion of the MA/MLIS degree requires the successful completion of at least 21 credits as opposed to the 30 credit requirement of the standard MA program offered by the Department of English. And MLIS/MA students do not complete a Master's Project, so do not take Eng 790 Master's Project as part of their degree. Students should consult the plan's coordinator for more details.

Students will indicate their choice of the MA/MLIS degree on the Graduate School admissions application as well as on the application to the Department of English. Students must also indicate their chosen plan of study on the Department of English admissions application. Check the English admissions page for application deadlines.

Courses must be approved by the coordinator of the student's plan of study in English.

MLIS Program Advisor

Laretta Henderson, Associate Dean/Associate Professor
Phone: (414) 229-3055

English Program Advisor

Dr. Jason Puskar, Assoc. Professor
Rm: Curtin Hall 423
Ph: 229-4637