MLIS/MS Geography

In cooperation with the Department of Geography, the Department of Geography offers an MA/MLIS coordinated program to prepare students for positions as map librarians. Students in the program will pursue concurrently a Master of Arts in Geography degree program and a Master of Library and Information Science degree program, with an emphasis on Map Librarianship. Prerequisite to the award of either degree in this program is the simultaneous award of its counterpart degree.

Prospective Careers

Graduates of the program are qualified to assume positions as curators and staff in map collections of universities, governmental agencies, and industry. In cases where map collections are not of sufficient size to warrant separation as distinct collections, knowledge of how to store, classify, and retrieve maps will be a valuable set of skills which enhance the qualifications of the information professional.


The MA in Geography normally has a minimum requirement of 24 credits in geography. For the coordinated MA Geography/MLIS degree program, however, students can substitute 6 credits in INFO ST courses for 6 credits of geography. This program, therefore, requires a total of 48 credits. Students must complete the 30 credits required for the MLIS degree and the 18 credits in Geography courses specified below.

Special Considerations

The Geography Department offers opportunities for fieldwork that may count toward these requirements. In addition to off-campus fieldwork, the American Geographical Society Collection at the UWM Golda Meir Library provides many unique opportunities for map librarianship fieldwork and is an appropriate site for an internship.

Required Geography Courses:

  • Geog 525 Geographic Information Science, 4 cr
  • Geog 547 Spatial Analysis, 3 cr
  • Geog 810 Introduction to Techniques of Research and Presentation, 3 cr
  • Geog 870 Contemporary Geographic Approaches: (Subtitle), 3 cr
  • Geog 900-level course, 3 cr
  • Geog Any graduate course, 2 cr

Coordinated Courses:

The SOIS course Cartographic Resources in Libraries is acceptable as one of the required seminars. In addition to the off campus fieldwork offered by the Geography Department, the American Geographical Society Collection provides many unique opportunities for map librarianship fieldwork.

Students are encourages to take INFOST 683 Cartographic Resources in Libraries (3 cr) as one of the two INFOST courses that substitute for 6 credits of geography.

MLIS Program Advisor

Dr. Laretta Henderson
Phone: (414) 229-3055

Geography Program Advisor

Dr. Michael J Day, Professor
Rm: Bolton Hall 456
Ph: 229-4866