Health Care Informatics

MLIS/MS Health Care Informatics

The MLIS/MS Health Care Informatics is a collaborative program offered by SOIS and the College of Health Sciences designed to provide students with theoretical and practical exposure to the evolving field of healthcare informatics as practiced in hospitals, clinics, professional offices, corporations, the government, the insurance industry, and higher education.

Prospective Careers

The goal of the Program is to prepare Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) students for careers in health care informatics, and be able to assume roles as clinical informationists.

For the M.S. Health Care Informatics (HCI) students, the coordinated degree program will introduce a new content area that is vital to the health care community. The HCI students will, in addition, develop the skills to access and synthesize the large amount of scientific knowledge necessary to support clinical care.

Credit Requirements

The minimum total credit requirement for the program is 56.

The MLIS component of the coordinated program includes 27 credits. These include 4 core courses (12 credits) and 5 electives (15 credits), chosen to complement the other courses in the coordinated program and in accordance with individual student goals.

The Master of Science in Health Care Informatics component of the coordinated program includes 29 credits spread over nine content areas culminating in a thesis or project.

For the most up-to-date listing of course offerings please visit the UW-Miwaukee Graduate School listing under the Master of Science in Health Care Informatics/Master of Library and Information Science.

Required SOIS Courses

  • INFOST 501 Foundations of Library and Information Science; 3 credits
  • INFOST 511 Organization of Information; 3 credits
  • INFOST 571 Information Access and Retrieval; 3 credits
  • INFOST 591 Research in Library and Information Science; 3 credits

Electives (15 credits), including at least 4 of the following 5

  • INFOST 510 Introduction to Reference Services and Resources
  • INFOST 661 Ethics and the Information Society; 3 credits
  • INFOST 714 Metadata; 3 credits
  • INFOST 791 Information Architecture; 3 credits
  • INFOST 835 Information Sources and Services—Health Sciences; 3 credits
Other elective; 3 credits

Health Care Courses

  • Introduction to Healthcare Informatics: 2 credits
    • HCA 700 Introduction to HealthCare Informatics
  • Programming, 3 credits:
    • BA 740 MIS Concepts & Languages OR
    • BA 813 Object-Oriented & Visual
  • Systems Analysis and Design, 3 credits:
    • BA 747 Systems Analysis & Design OR
    • HCA 441 Healthcare Systems A & D
  • Database Management, 3 credits:
    • BA 749 Data Management Systems OR
    • CS 557 Introduction to Database Systems OR
    • CS 757 Data Base Organization and File Structure OR
    • HCA 442 Healthcare Database Design & Mgt
  • Project Management, 3 credits:
    • BA 748 Information Technology Project Management
  • Decision Support Systems, 3 credits:
    • BA 741 Decision Support Systems and Groupware OR
    • BA 814 Intelligent Systems for Business OR
    • CS 720 Computational Models of Decision Making OR
    • HCA 744 Text Retrieval & Its Application in Biomedicine (pending)
  • Network Design/Telecommunications, 3 credits:
    • BA 893 Infrastructure for Electronic Business OR
    • CS 520 Computer Networks OR
    • INFOST 710 Electronic Networking and Information Services
  • Technology Procurement, 3 credits:
    • HCA 721 Health Information Technology Procurement
  • Clinical Applications, 3 credits:
    • HCA 723 Healthcare Systems Applications - Clinical, Administrative & Research
  • Project or Thesis, 3 credits:
    • HCA 890 Healthcare Informatics Research and Thesis OR
    • HCA 891 Healthcare Informatics Master's Project


Students are admitted to both graduate programs separately and admission requirements are consistent with those specified by the UWM Graduate School, the Department of healthcare Informatics, and the MLIS program of the School of Information Studies.

Additional Requirements

Students also must pass a comprehensive examination, or submit and successfully defend a thesis.  The thesis option requires additional credits.

Students in the coordinated MS/MLIS degree program must complete all degree requirements within seven years of the first semester as a degree student.

MLIS Program Advisor

Laretta Henderson, Associate Dean/Associate Professor
Phone: (414) 229-3055