MLIS/MA Language Literature and Translation

In cooperation with the MALLT program, the School of Information Studies offers the Master of Arts in Language, Literature, and Translation/Master of Library and Information Science (MA/MLIS) coordinated degree program to prepare students for specialized positions in a variety of libraries or as curators of special subject collections.

Librarians and information specialists with foreign language and literature backgrounds are needed to provide information services to all types of academic and special library users, including undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, researchers and other scholars. Public and private research centers will be interested in employing graduates with expertise in information sources and services with a subject background in foreign language and literature. This coordinated degree program will allow students to formulate a highly individualized plan of study by selecting appropriate courses from each unit.

Students enrolled in this program will concurrently pursue a MA degree in Language Literature and Translation and a MLIS degree. Candidates for the joint degree program will be expected to fulfill the degree requirements of both graduate programs. Degrees will be awarded simultaneously.

Prospective Careers

The MA in Language Literature and Translation/MLIS program prepares students for positions as librarians in a variety of libraries and curators of special subject collections.


Student's course of study in the joint MALLT/MLIS program will consist of 21 credits from the current Master of Arts in Language Literature and Translation degree program and 30 credits from the Master of Library and Information Science degree program.

Nine of the 30 credits normally required for a MALLT degree will be satisfied by courses taken in SOIS. In the coordinated degree program, MALLT thesis option credits will be in addition to the 21 required MALLT credits. Courses in related areas must be approved by the Coordinator of MALLT.

MLIS Coordinated Degree Program Advisor

Laretta Henderson, Associate Dean/Associate Professor
Phone: (414) 229-3055

MALLT Program Advisor

Dr. Michelle Bolduc
Rm: Curtin Hall 886
Ph: 229-3346